Today, at Merseyside Scouts, we held our Programme Re:Focus event. The day was designed to support our adult volunteers in further enhancing their knowledge of our life changing programme of everyday adventure and to help them develop additional tools to support them in delivering skills for life to our 8000 young people across Merseyside. The team did a great job – well done to everyone involved! More about Merseyside Scouts in a future blog.

I was asked to close the day and I decided that I wanted my message to go some way to help everyone understand the vast impact they have on young people across the county. They change lives and they change communities; and many will never see the ultimate impact of their work, as those young people take their experiences and build upon them on their journey through life.

I’m a firm believer that we should each try and find a passion – something we are interested in, care about, enjoy and something that will leave a legacy for years to come. When you find that passion; keep hold of it, don’t let go and don’t stop believing in it… unless of course it turns out not to be a good idea! Perhaps most importantly, especially if volunteering your time to follow this passion, is to have fun… and have absolutely no shame in enjoying the journey with those you meet, who could become great friends.