Working in technology, I’ve seen first-hand a massive shift – not just in the incredible capabilities we now have access to, but the reliance we now have on all things tech.

It’s not just organisations who have become reliant – many of our homes would cease to serve us as they do if some of our, what have become essential, devices stopped functioning; or if our internet connections go offline… some routine ‘stuff’ just stop being possible.

BBC News has reported that in this latest advisory from the National Security Agency in the US, Microsoft Windows users are warned about vulnerabilities in Windows 7 and earlier versions, that could mean PCs are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Truth is; we are increasingly vulnerable – organisations and individuals – irrespective of the technology platforms that we use.

Good cyber security starts with being aware and creating a culture of ensuring good cyber security. The significant risk exists; people, process and technology cyber-related enhancements are all necessary in order to reduce the risk of being affected by a cyber attack.

The UK National Cyber Security Centre offers some good advice to help ensure you’re protected:

The advice can be challenging to navigate and organisations are likely to benefit from professional support to implement appropriate measures.

Within my organisation, we have teams who are able to assist. Take a look at CTO Technologies Cyber Security pages on our website to find out more; and do get in touch if we can help.