Labels Divide Us.
Labels Divide Us.

Labels Divide Us.

In a world that seems increasingly divided and filled with tension; I often find myself thinking about what causes this… and more importantly, how we can address it. Admittedly, I believe there are many contributing causes, and that second bit is a rather large question!

What is clear is though is that we need more and more people to feel passionate about wanting to build a united world. A world in which people are more accepting of difference, tolerant of other views and recognise, celebrate and encourage individuality – and reduce prejudice.

I think one of the problems we have in the world is our tendency to ‘label’ and categorise – rather than simply accept. Whether it’s labels based on political views, age, disability, gender, sexuality, marriage or civil partnership status, race, religion or belief; we’re a world full of labels. Categorising. Dividing. Creating unnecessary and unhelpful tension.

Bias and prejudice is a massive part of the problem – views that we form are based on our experiences, what we read, who we engage with. Therefore; bias is perpetuated all too easily.

It’s time to embrace diversity. Properly. Like we actually mean it.

Being aware of bias and prejudice is undoubtedly the first step – potentially making ourselves aware of what’s in the back of our mind and that comes through, often unintentionally, in our actions – and then actually acting to address it. Broadening our world view. Broadening our acceptance of others. And breaking silence to help others to do the same.

Here’s a short clip I find thought provoking….